The massage therapist

A massage treatment is a piece of maintenance of the human body. Nothing more or less. The greatest benefits include less (muscle) fatigue, faster physical recovery, and increased energy.

It is evident that this is a continuous process. But when a massage treatment gives my clients rest and relaxation and they feel more at ease with their own body, I have achieved my goals.

In short, it is important that the clients feel completely at ease in my practice. A short intake interview is therefore essential, so I know what the issues are and my client what he/she can expect from treatment. My experience is that this achieves good results.

In 2006, after my training in sports therapy Leffelaar (Veerman College) Amsterdam, I started as a qualified sports massage therapist (NESGP). I have worked for many years as freelance sports massage therapist at Corpus Rub Massage Studio and The Conservatorium Hotel. I am also part of a pool of massage therapists ‘on call’ in Hotels as The Dylan, The College and The Andaz. And I gained experience as a sport massage therapist as well as ‘sportverzorger’ at Sento Amsterdam, football club AFC and Swift.