Massage Therapy

Sports massage; Specific muscle groups are treated. For neck pain, back pain and muscle problems in general, petrissage (the kneading of muscles) provides an effective way to provide relief and ultimately reduce the symptoms. The tension of the muscles with sports massage is normalized thereby decreasing  muscle pain.

Classic massage; Classic massage is generally known as a relaxation massage. Traditional massage often involves a soft and mild approach. Effleurages (strokes) are applied, to promote relaxation and body (spirit). The feeling of fatigue gives way for rejuvenation.

Shiatsu; In this fully developed Chinese massage therapy the “energy system” of the body is the key focus point. Shiatsu is both a preventive and curative application. The technique of this treatment consists mainly of using the ball of the thumb, finger and palm of the hand to exert pressure on the (700) points of the body in order to correct the flow of energy. A firm Shiatsu treatment can be experienced as painful but then gives an unprecedented relaxation. In particular, the energy (balance) is promoted with this treatment technique.

Combined; A combination of the above-mentioned massage therapies.